" Love, Brad " Cassette


" I have always tended to be skeptical of testimonials, because I doubted their authenticity. I was so impressed with the LOVE, BRAD tape, however, that I did want to let Brad know how much I enjoyed it and how beautiful I thought his music was. I even told him that I would be happy to lend my name to anything he would like to write. But Brad, hard taskmaster that he is, refused and told me that anything attributed to me would have to be written by me! So here I am. Brad's music is beautiful. It grows on you more and more as you continue to listen. It touches your emotions. Brad's talent is special, and I hope the 'Bradish Invasion' continues so that many more people can experience and be touched by this talent." - Ms. Ryan - U.S.A. - Oregon - (mryan@netcnct.net)

""Love, Brad" is a wonderful collection of songs with touching lyrics and snazzy tunes that appeal to ALL listeners. Even my son, who is 21 year old college student, loves this cassette. Brad Alan's voice reaches out to listeners and leaves them wanting for more."

"Brad Alan has scored a hit. Lock, Stock "N" Barrel will leave your feet tapping. He has combined great lyrics with great music in a cassette which is sure to be a hit with people of all ages." - Trudi Lauer - U.S.A. - North Carolina, High Point

" Brad Alan has a style that is very easy and enjoyable to listen to. His songs are about real life, real people, and are easy to relate to. Lock, Stock "N" Barrel should be in the top Top Ten on the charts." - Leland Haywood - U.S.A. - North Carolina, Charlotte

" Dear Brad, Thank you for such a pleasurable cassette. " Love Brad " is such an original, heartfelt variety of songs. We have sincerely enjoyed this cassette. Keep up the good work." - Helen Kelly - U.S.A. - North Carolina, Kernersville

" " Love, Brad " thrills every listener from the very young to the very old. Its the perfect combination of music & Lyrics.. essencial for " Lovers " to have in their collection......." - Norman & Kitten Clark - U.S.A. - Virginia, War

" The " Love Brad " cassette helps me to close my eyes and float away in time, dreaming and fantisizing. I love the softness and serenity of his voice." - Nancy Gordon - U.S.A. - North Carolina, Winston-Salem

" A Great entertaining tape. ' Miss-You Morning Teardrops ' was my favorite. If you like the sound of Elvis, you'll love ' Love, Brad.' " - Delores Moore - U.S.A. - North Carolina, Kernersville

" As a Travel Agency owner I have purchased the Love Brad tape to give as a thank you gift to my honey moon clients. The response has been great. It seems to really appeal to young Lovers." - Pam Seagle - U.S.A. - North Carolina, High Point

" If you have not had an opportunity to listen to the work of Brad Alan, cassette entitled "Love, Brad" -- buy it and try it!! Brad writes and performs his own songs, and his talent exudes from his work. A wide variety of songs is performed - the "fun" songs are genuinly "fun" ( ex: "You're a Cutie" and "Doing Nothing With You" ) and the slower-paced sensitive and emotion-based songs are genuinely touching and full of feeling ( ex: "Miss You Morning Teardrops", "Look At Me, Look At You" and "To" -- would prefer a different title for this song!)

Brad Alan writes and sings from the heart with both warmth and sensitivity. Give yourself a gift - buy "Love, Brad" - you'll not be disappointed!!" - Carolyn Kramer - U.S.A. - Iowa, Clinton

" Great dance beat. Beautifully mellow lyrics that speak to the heart. Songs will appeal to all whose tastes include a variety of music genres whether pop or country." - Bettye Neff - U.S.A. - North Carolina, Pfafftown

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